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PhD opportunities

General inquiries

I am always happy to talk to talented, fun and enthusiastic people about great ideas. If this sounds like you and you're interested in doing a PhD in my group, then please send me an email with

1. A brief CV (2 pages max), 

2. A short statement outlining your research interests and experience, and how you see your interests combining with those of our group;

3. Contact details of 2 references who can comment on you, hopefully favourably. 

Timing is crucial. Some funding schemes have deadlines in Nov/Dec for PhDs starting the following September/October. So get in touch early! 


Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities

Currently I do not have funding specifically to hire postdocs, although that may change so please get in touch if you're a talented, fun and enthusiastic postdoc. If you're interested in applying for a funding to work in my group, there are a number of possible fellowship and grant sources (e.g. Wellcome TrustRoyal SocietyBBSRCNERCHFSPEU Marie Curie, etc). I would be happy to discuss ideas for potential grant applications that we would wirte together, and I will also support applications for postdoctoral fellowship scemes. We have had reasonable success in applying for Royal Society Newton Fellowships, and EU Marie Curie fellowships, for example. If you have a strong background in a relevant field, get in touch and we can discuss options.