Lab Stuff

Below are some of the techniques and equipment we currently use in the lab


All our lab protocols will soon be availale on  (still in progress!)


Drosophila protocols

A quick introduction to Drosophila as a model organism


Assaying Drosophila locomotion and behaviour

Methods to assay Drosophila behaviour (JoVE)

The Drosophila Activity Monitor - D.A.M. TriKiniteics (Price list, user's guide and software)

FlyPAD - fly Proboscis and Activity Detector is an automated, high-resolution behavioural monitoring system. 

ActualTrack (analysis of behaviours from video files)

ActogramJ - is a software package based on ImageJ for the analysis and visualization of chronobiological data.

Clocklab - Software for the collection and analysis of circadian activity data.
Icy - Free and open-source software to visualize, annotate and quantify bioimaging data.

BORIS - free and open-source event logging software for video/audio coding and live observations. 

QuantiFly: Robust Trainable Software for Automated Drosophila Egg Counting.

T.U.R.D. - The Ultimate Reader of Dung - software for the analysis of faecal spot data.

BONSAI - open-source software for processing streams of data, used for analyzing videos in real time, controlling behavioral experiments, or acquiring data from the flyPAD.