Lab News


New preprint! Mito-nuclear interactions affect activity and sleep patterns in Drosophila. Always happy to see an Honours project reach this stage, with valuable help from Katy, Tiina and Flo Camus.

New preprints! Arun has recently uploaded three of his upcoming papers to BioRxiv, investigating how negative regulation of IMD, Jak/Stat signalling, and damage prevention and repair mechanisms all affect disease tolerance in fruit flies.

Welcome to Phoebe Thornhill who joins our lab as a PhD student funded by the Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health. Phoebe will work on natural genetic variation and immune regulation of pathogen acquisition and spread.

New preprint! Some collaborative work using epidemioloigcal models to undestand why Ostreococcus are often susceptible to viruses in the wild when low-cost resistance evolves quickly in the lab. 

New paper! Work led by Tom Ratz and Katy Monteith showing that burying beetle females continue to provide high levels of parental caredespite a lethal bacterial infection has been published in Behavioral Ecology.

Welcome to Phoebe Thornhill who is doing a rotation in our lab as part of the Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health. Phoebe will work on immune regulation fo infection avoidance behaviours.

New paper! Jonti's work dissecting host genetics, sex and mating status as sources of heterogeneity in pathogen shedding and spread has been published in PLOS Pathogens


Paper published! Our collaborative work with Lauren White and Meggan Craft exploring how heterogeneity in host behaviour and susceptibility scales up to population-level disease dynamics has been published in Proceedings B.

Welcome to Megan Kutzer, who joins the lab as a postdoc! Megan was previously a postdoc in Sylvia Cremer's lab in Vienna, following a PhD with Sophie Armitage in Berlin.

New paper! Tiina Salminen's comprehensive review of how mitochondrial variation may affect innate immunity is published in Front. Immunology.


New paper! Ali Hudson's Hons project showing diet-specific terminal investment following infection is now out in J. Evol. Biol.

New paper! Review with Zé Oliveira and Ana Bahia asks how are arbovirus vectors able to tolerate infection?

New paper! Work led by Jonti shows that viral infection causes sex-specific changes in fruit fly social aggregation behaviour

Congratulations Dr Siva-Jothy! Well done to Jonti for successfully defending his PhD! 

Welcome to Mickael Bonnet who is visting us from U. Clermont-Auverge to do his MSc research project.

Congratulations to Tiina for receiving a 5-yr fellowship from the Finnish Academy of Sciences to continue her work on mitochondrial effects on immunity at Tampere U.


Success! Our grant proposal with Tiina Salminen on Mitochondrial genetic effects on innate immunity has been funded by the Leverhulme Trust!

Pedro gave a seminar at Can Ruti Biomedical Reseach centre (IPTG) in Barcelona. What an amazing place!

Our work on the evolutionary consequences of damage limiting drugs was recently highlighted in the PLOS XV collection.

Our book chapter "The influence of parasites on insect behavior" is now published in Insect Behavior: From Mechanisms to Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences

New paper! Work led by Jonti and Katy on infection avoidance during cannibalistic foraging and oviposition has been published in Behavioral Ecology.

Valéria Romano visited our lab from Kyoto University to start an exciting collaboration on the role of disease on social group structure.

New paper! We published a methods paper showing how we measure bacterial shedding from orally infected flies.

New paper! Pedro reported on a recent study in Current Biology showing how sickness behaviours and metabolism control disease tolerance to malaria.


Congratulations to Jonti Siva-Jothy and Lauren White for getting an IDEAS Research Exchange grant to work on heterogeneity in pathogen transmission with me and Meggan Craft at U. Minnesota. Jonti and Lauren will swap labs for a few weeks this spring!

Pedro gave a seminar at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and someone filmed it!

Listen to Pedro speak about Infection Avoidance in Drosophila at the Royal Society meeting "The evolution of parasite and pathogen avoidance behaviours".